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since 10/2021:  Freelancer:


05/2005 – 01/2022:  Direktor / Senior Vice President New Business at Desitin Arzneimittel GmbH (Hamburg): 17 years

Established a global licensing network and a professional liaison management with strategic partners in pharma, MedTech and biotech; Performed in- and out-licensing projects as well as a selection of new product development in full responsibility; Reached about 50% of current turnover with NewBizz projects; Created concepts for a long-term and strategic development of the company; Supervising in-house staff (up to 50 people incl. 15 academics)


07/2004 – 04/2005: Head of Business Development 

at Haupt Pharma AG (Berlin): 1 year

Evaluated and implemented a new business segment; Strengthened internationalizing the group; Actively performed M&A projects; Searched and acquired new development projects; Managed strategic development projects


09/1988 – 03/2004: Several Positions incl. Member of the Board at Arzneimittelwerk Dresden (Dresden; AWD) & ASTA Medica AG (Frankfurt, following acquisition of AWD in 2000): 16 years

Member of a restructuring team with responsibility for a divestment program including private equity and strategic investors; Headed a division of 100 employees in R&D and Quality Management; Project management of a variety of NCEs, specialty products, generics, manufacturing transfer projects; Founded a department of Pharmacokinetics & Metabolism

Core Competencies

Highly advanced expertise in therapeutic options in neurology, in rare diseases as well as in other indications;
International horizon with multi-cultural skills;
More than thirty years of professional experience in well-established and renowned specialty pharmaceutical enterprises;
Broad experience in development, project management, licensing, business case compilation, financial evaluation and negotiation of pharma deals;
Overseeing the complete worldwide landscape of new product opportunities in neurology and neighboring therapeutic indications with contacts to key opinion leaders and leading industry players around the world;
Additional business excellence in branded generics, new chemical entities, biologics, bacteriophages, repurposing/repositioning, MedTech, diagnostics, digital health as well as other beyond-the-pill technologies in neurology

Track Record

2005 – today: In-licensing of more than 80 products;

Successful portfolio renewal by in-licensing CNS drugs and generating short-term revenues up to a “New Product Ratio” of 50 % of the total sales within 5 years (e.g. with Servier, France; Biocodex, France; Zogenix, USA; Neurim, Israel; Pozen, USA; Dr.Schär, Italy);

Network within digital health and Beyond-the-Pill technologies;

2006: Created a new Business Development Department;

2005: Established a new Drug Development Business Unit;

2003: Restructured a new company on a green field approach followed by the divestment negotiations with private equity and strategic investors;

2001 – 2004: In-licensing of proprietary and generic products (e.g. Merck, Germany; Astra Zeneca, Sweden);

2001 – 2004: Development of several modified release formulations for proprietary drugs in pain and epilepsy;

1993 – 1999: Project Management of an NCE co-development of ASTA Medica AG (Germany) & Wyeth-Ayerst Research (USA), global development of an anti-epileptic from drug lead definition until phase IIb of clinical testing (INN: Retigabine);

Project Management of three NCE projects (CNS) reaching first-dose-in-man as critical clinical milestone

Private Initiatives

  • Nature conservation contributions by systematic studies of the plant genus Lithops in the natural setting in southern Africa
  • Book author of a scientific monograph: “Wild Lithops”, Klaus Hess Publishers, 2017:
  • More than 30 scientific articles about the genus Lithops
  • Several lectures about the genus in Germany, in Prague (CZ), in Manchester (UK) and in Pretoria (RSA)
  • Twenty extensive field trips in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Lesotho
  • Plant and animal photography
  • Traveling through South African nature